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KH4 Tennis is a one-click trading tool specifically designed for tennis match odds markets. The trader allows various types of trades to be placed on the market and also gives indications of each player's odds at the end of the current point/game/set.

Since 2008, this trader has been used to place trades on the Betfair exchange and to offer the most reliable and accurate predictions both before and during tennis matches, helping tennis traders worldwide maximise their profit potential.

KH4 Tennis can be used to investigate, monitor or track any tennis match without the need to have the underlying Betfair market open. It does not utilise any API calls except to trade and change the match, thereby allowing traders to use it at will regardless of other activity on the exchange.


KH4 Tennis gives indications of match odds based on mathematical analysis. It will not take account of unusual playing conditions, abnormal player performance, player illness or any other influence on a player's actions or performance. It is up to the user to manage these situations by adjusting a player's serve % setting based on the user's assessment of any ongoing situation that seems to be affecting a player's capabilities.

In addition, odds indications on the trader may deviate slightly from the exchange prices simply due to the weight of trading. KH4 Soft makes no guarantee that the odds indicated by KH4 Tennis will remain precisely in line with the exchange prices at all times.

There are thousands of different score combinations for any given match. Whilst KH4 Tennis expects to accurately indicate all odds, it is at the user's discretion whether they accept those odds as accurate.

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