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A comprehensive multi-market, multi-selection market monitoring service with customisable alerts and direct trading
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The current version of Market Watch is a BETA version
Some restrictions in functionality apply

Users are advised to carefully monitor functionality and get in touch if any errors are found. We are happy to investigate
all requests for additional functionality at this stage although we cannot make any promises as to their inclusion.
The sooner any bugs or requests are submitted to us, the sooner we can offer full functionality.


Market Watch allows you to monitor multiple selections across multiple markets, be alerted when relevant changes occur and be able to place trades on the exchange.

  • No need to install, purchase or have any knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Auto-trading, levelling and offsetting
  • Automatic adding of new markets meeting your criteria
  • Cross market triggers

Market Watch is a customisable tool that assists users in their price and market monitoring requirements. You set up your personal list of selections to monitor and Market Watch will let you know when anything significant happens in relation to that selection or the market.

If you tend to only be interested in certain limited markets then you may set up the software to automatically search for new markets and add them to your list - saving you hours in setup time required for other software.

Market Watch can simply alert you to information or you may have it auto-trade, level up or offset depending on your needs.

There is even a Debug Mode which makes sure that you can monitor your algorithms and test trading strategies without actually trading real money. Market Watch will log all your activity so you can analyse it later.

You can even set up algorithms based on cross-market triggers such as an automated trade placed if the Half Time market gets to a certain ratio in relation to the Match Odds market!

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