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This suite of tools is an extensive collection of sports trading software ever assembled. Included are tools for market monitoring, cross-market trade facilitation and match odds predictors.

Features include;

Cross-market price monitoring
Simultaneous cross-market bet placement
The most extensive, commercially-available cricket and tennis traders
What-if scenario predictors
Market list filtering for instant selection location
Over 20 separate traders and watches
More than 30 individual trading tools

Traders include;

KH4 Tennis
  • Accurately and reliably predicting and trading tennis odds since 2008
  • Free to use
  • Offers all functionality without the need to have the underlying market open
  • Uses no calls to the Betfair API except to trade which is, of course, optional
  • Sleek, user-friendly interface

Market Watch
  • Monitor, alert and trade multiple markets automatically
  • Does not require use or knowledge of MS Excel
  • Cross-market comparison triggers, eg Win vs Place
  • Fully customisable user algorithms for triggers, trades and responses
  • Automatically searches and adds relevant markets
  • Activity logs
  • Remote management via phone apps (coming soon)

Whether you are a professional or semi-professional sports trader, a recreational punter or simply like to give yourself some assistance with determining odds or placing multiple bets across markets, KH4 Sports Traders is for you.

Whilst we launch our next generation traders, all access is completely free of charge so be sure to take advantage and try our KH4 Sports Traders with no obligation to subscribe.

We are constantly developing or upgrading our traders and watches so if you have any questions or even suggestions for trader functionality, please get in touch with us.

Modules currently available
Due to the extensive amount of work involved with updating previously released traders to the Betfair API-NG service and developing new traders and modules, the current state of KH4 Sports Traders is indicated below.

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